Iran's Support For Terror

23.03.18 02:15 AM By LiamRutherfordqL73


While it is not openly displayed for all to see, as that would be pure lunacy, Iran has been known to support terror and this is not such a big secret either. Terrorism is an act that has all the people of the world rallying against it and unfortunately the battle is yet to be won. In fact that win is as elusive as world peace because countries like Iran keeps supporting terror groups in more ways than one.


Iran has been known to fund, train, provide weapons and equipment, and give refuge to terror groups. Efforts to dissuade the Iranian government from doing this has not been very successful thus far. The terror groups only seem to be getting stronger and fiercer. Different top leaders are still trying to bring this to an end and everyone hopes that this comes to an end. Visit!


Iran is behind so many terror groups in the world, about 100,000 or more. These groups enjoy support in terms of training, money and weaponry from Iran. One country that is close to Iran is Syria and is actually considered a true state ally of Iran. Iran is at the forefront of the Syrian regime because it takes this relationship very seriously. The current regime is actually supported by Iran and cannot do without this support. View the Linkedin profile here.


The most skilled military group in the world; a Lebanese terror group is a close friend of Iran. Iran has invested a lot into the growth of this group and continues to do so. They are sorted in terms of both finances and arms and not just any kinds of weapons but the most advanced ones. They receive an amount totaling to $100 million yearly from yearly.


When looking into the facts on how Iran finances terrorism, it is important to consider and understand that the act of terrorism is evil and it has catastrophic effects. With this in mind, Iran has been placed as the terrorism supporter and, in essence, the greatest terrorism financier across the globe. There are innumerable if not many reasons as to why Iran funds terrorism. One of the reasons believed to be the leading motivation is political influence as well as political power.


There exists political rivalry in the Middle East between the states and it has created a deep rift that Iran took it as an opportunity to overpower its enemies. It is also important to consider that Iran has been against and fought its adversaries through terrorism and it has caused loss of life.